Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'll Be Posting Real Soon...I Promise

Thanks to numerous attempts of putting me on blast *ahem* Thic I'm staring right at you

I'll be back to blogging pretty soon. I'm still in Chicago recovering from the bachelorette's party & the wedding. Currently I'm stalking Facebook making sure none of my friends put up any of the incriminating pictures from the bachelorette's party.

The party I lasted until about 11pm because I got wasted and passed the fuck out thanks to them. The one where I probably threw up my lung on the stripper. The party where I suspect I got us tossed out of due to my over the top drunken behavior.

I saw the pics and ummmm yeah they ain't pretty.

I'll let the wedding pics speak for themselves. What can I say, the day went perfectly, everyone had a fantastic time, everyone looked great, not to many melt down moments...oh there were a few but real minor. I didn't have to whoop some ass in my wedding dress. No vaseline and updo braided to the back.

There are some on Facebook **To all my facebook friends who knows my gov'ment name** so you can look at those for the time being. See me in my cute dress that everyone thought was "so unique" while I rolled my eyes as the stalkerazzi family swarmed around us demanding pictures, poses, kisses. I ain't playing, I have scratches all on my arm from folks yanking me from one end of the room to another for pictures. Most will probably end up on facebook anyway. I haven't logged on to that flickr thing in so long I don't think I have the password anymore.

But hold your horses, in the next week or so, I'll be back.