Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't Erase Me Off The Blog Roll Just Yet...

I promise as soon as we close on the ceremony/reception hall on October 13th, I'll be back to my usual randomness.

Pics are coming soon. My best friend is acting real secretive with the pictures. I knew I should have brought my camera in that day.

Oh and my dress is done so while I'm in Chicago that weekend I KNOW I'll have pictures for sure. I'm super excited about seeing my "finished" dress.

I will forwarn you though: My hair is probably going to be all over my head wrestling with the dress and veil.

And dare I say it: maybe a tear or two.

Now I have to make sure my ass can fit in that dress w/o alterations by next summer

*sigh* I guess I'm axing Wendy's off my menu as well. It's going to go the way of the Sweet Tea from McDonald.

I swear I'm going to get a personal trainer.

I swear as soon as we have an actual place, I'm so sure things are going to fall into place.

Invites...piece of cake.

Decorations and stuff...my fantabolous *I know not a word but that damn Rachel Ray had grown on me with these made up words* aunt is taking care of all of that for me. She points and I buy. I step back and she creates her wonderful magic.

We've looked at rings. I've given him my top 5 and I told him to surprise me. Everyone seems really surprised that I want a simple ring. Pushing me toward the rocks when I want a simple band.

I'll get the rock for my 2nd marriage :)

Shit I want something that when I slide that bad boy off to go to the club, local crackheads won't break into the car and swipe it out the ash tray *lol*

Bridesmaids/groomsmen set. And no one is upset *or at least grumbling out loud* about paying for their own stuff. Trust I would love to pay for my girls' stuff but 7 formal gown and tuxes are not in the budget. If I won the lottery, then I wouldn't care but we're saving for a house on top of the wedding and we're on a strict budget for both. We are paying for the maid of honor's and the best man's items though.

You know my best friend is geeked about that. I told her she better get me a good stripper for the bachelorette's party since I'm saving her some dough *lol*

And top shelf Yak. Not the Jewel's brand liquor.

Once this last major hurdle is done, I'm back in business.

I can breathe easily...until 08. Then I'm back at it.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience. I know my long ramblings have gotten folks through many of boring work hours *lol*

When I have a spare second, best believe I'll be backtracking.

So no new boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives, pregananies, stints in prison, slapping a family memeber up, felt up by some guy in the subway until I get caught up with my favorite bloggers lives.

But oooh add the great sex stories. You know I'm straight in the gutter :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Headaches

Since I am knee deep in work and wedding planning, I haven't been online much other than to look at reception places, wedding party favors, bridesmaids dresses, etc.

So please forgive me if I haven't been checking on my spots. I get so caught up in the wedding stuff, I don't go to any other sites.

Good News: I do have my wedding dress.

I went with my first choice after trying on 6 different gowns. I really liked my 2nd choice but that would mean starving to death the day of the wedding because the corset part is really tight.

In fact the whole dress was super tight *Just the way I like it ;-)* but I got a little light headed wearing that dress. And I know it would've taken me at least 20 minutes to get out the dress. And it was almost impossible to use the potty in the dress.

But after trying on my 1st choice, I fell in love with the dress and bought it right there.

Since my best friend, the matron of honor, is being really stingy with the pictures, I'll have to steal her camera and post up the dresses at a later date.

In fact I'm still looking for a new matron of honor after the heifer flung open the door while I was undressing and every one and their mama saw my bare ass in the dressing room.

AND I had on the busted joints at that.

So I do have my dress so push come to shove, I will at least have my dress when JBN and I have to run off and elope in Vegas.

My mother and I are on the outs. She's trying to plan this big, extravagent wedding and she does not understand that I don't want all of that.

She's trying to invite anyone who has every stared at me in the last 24 years to my wedding.

I'm not on that with her.

I understand she's excited but...umm yeah this is MY day!

It's so much we debate about I'm getting a headache just re-thinking about it.

My father and I are on the outs. As usual.

The way I feel about him right now- I don't want his contribution or him in my life.

I told him he'll be lucky if I let him attend, let alone walk me down the aisle.

My younger cousin stole $20 from me while I was in Chicago. Me and that little bitch is not talking. In fact, since she was M.I.A. the rest of the time I was in Chicago, oh don't think I was looking for her, when I go back next month to close on the reception hall, I'm putting my foot up her ass.

My other cousin, the one I got into a fight with on Thanksgiving, had the nerve to twist her lips up and ask can she be in my wedding.

Bitch please.

And not that I care but we *meaning JBN* asked his sister did she want to be a bridesmaid, this heifer: "I'll have to check my schedule". No love is lost between us as you can see. Makes me none. "I" was only asking to be polite since my brother and my male best friend are groomsmen.

Yeah I had to swipe some of his groomsmen. My best friend is a given. My brother...eh he's up in the air. It has already been told that I am not paying a dime for his tux so if he want to be in the wedding I advise he save up.

So I'm really trying not to stress about this wedding and I'm really trying not to snap on people.

I mean it would shave a few numbers off of the reception list but still...I'm so not trying to become a Bridzilla.

I am failing...quite miserably actually...but dang I haven't reached the exploding point yet.

My aunt, my savior right now as she's holding down everything for me in Chicago, we're doing research together, emailing each other back and forth, and because she's like an Arts and Crafts God, she's decorating for the ceremony and reception AND she put me on to this great caterer.

I'm trying to be nice and let my friends pick their own dresses because they are paying for it but I see already I'm going to have to pick out the dresses myself.

Folks' body types are sooo not matching up with the dresses they want. I mean 95% of my friends are top heavier, or at least in "C" cups and strapless is so not the way to go.

Walking tugging up the top.

Breasts spilling all over the top of the dress. Alright for the club but not for my pictures.

So since most of my friends are skanks, I see I'm going to have to find some nice "classy" dresses for them.

Now I am debating with the reception hall because I do not like their menu and I want to bring an outside caterer in. I mean I really want this place but I do not want the food. It's really bland and doesn't look good IMO.

I mean I want soul food. The fattening, the better. I don't want dry ass baked chicken or fish. I want some golden fried chicken/catfish candied yams, macaroni and cheese, collard greens *for the folks who eat that mess*, cabbage *for me*, corbread, etc.

And I prepared to go to war over this.

But elopement is looking like a great possibility as of right now.