Monday, October 15, 2007

Told Ya I'll Be Back....

This trip home was far more successful than the last time I went home.

We finally have a ceremony/reception space.

I’m very pleased since we got our first choice for ceremony/reception place.

Everything fell in place. Ceremony space looks fabulous. Reception space is fabulous. It’s within our budget and we fell in love with it on sight.

Check it out: the website is:

Since my dress was not ready as I thought *side eye* no pics as of yet. I’m kinda mad at that.

Pool Blue *Hell Aqua, who am I kidding lol* and White are the main colors. I haven’t decided if the bridesmaids will wear gold or silver heels yet. But I’m leaning toward silver.

White is out as *sigh* it’s close to Labor Day and we all know white shoes are out after Labor Day.

I wouldn’t want them in White anyway *lol*

However my veil and jewelry is. Check back later for the pics.

Soo….um yeah….the kid is back :)

I’m done worrying until at least the New Year….and *sigh* Diet time. Invites. Putting fire under my bridesmaids/groomsmen asses. You know the usual.

Pro….you had me coined. I was in McDonald’s all last week slurping on my liquid crack. Fell out for dead when my favorite McDonald’s *Shut up, yeah I have McDonald’s spots that I haunt* ran out.

I demanded to talk to a manager and everything.

I’m scratching and shit, eye twitching….going through straight withdrawal.

Dammit I need Sweet Tea Rehab!

I thought I didn’t miss it but with the Monopoly Game *Shut Up, Don’t act like I’m the only one obsessed with that game* AND it’s on the Large cup of Sweet Tea….how could I resist?

But I’m entitled to pig out until the New Year and then….*sigh* I’m on a diet. One of my co-workers is a part time personal trainer and he offered to tone me up in time for the wedding.

And I don’t mean “tone me up” like that…freaks *lol* He is white and we all know how I feel about the “pink”.

I like my meats well done thank you.

So….congrats to me :)

I’m back….and in full force!!