Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

A commercial holiday nonetheless but still....

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

And speaking of work:

Job from hell is now a distant and unpleasant memory...last day was Friday...and I did not take a poo on evil, hating ass heifer desk.

I did however track snow into her office...HA!

I'm back at the hotel as an accountant now thanks to a hook-up from my previous manager.

So I guess I'm officially back in the building....and in charge of money!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Secret Confession of the Week

While it's no surprise that I am NOT a cry baby...No emotional female over here but

I cry every time I watch "Schindler's List"

And not just a few tears here and there

I cry throughout the whole movie. It's one of the few adult movies that will make me sob like a baby.

It took me two weeks to make it through the film. I kept stopping it because I was crying too hard to see most of the scenes

It's one of my favorite movies...and I watch it in secret just so people will not see me cry.

I also watch it only at night when my husband is asleep so he doesn't hear me cry.

Although he knows the movie makes me cry and ask why do I torture myself...

...but don't get it twisted, b*tch will still throat chop a negro.....