Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Partying

Although I almost froze to death Halloween night, I had a good time.

After greasing myself into my costume, we took a few shots & it was out the door.

Ah to pre-game like it's 2003...Took Us Back....

Back to when it wasn't a recession *lol*

We wanted to get nice and loose so we wouldn't have to pay $10+ at the bar for drinks.

Instead of hitting our usual clubs, we decided to stick to Georgetown this year. Funny enough, I work right across the bridge from Georgetown yet I rarely go into Georgetown.

Traffic, of course, was a mess so we parked at my job & walked across the bridge.

The VERY cold walk across the bridge.

I swear by the time we crossed the bridge, my cheeks were frozen. And by cheeks, I mean ass cheeks.

Fishnets does not protect against the cold.

After being molested for the three block walk by all sort of characters, we slipped inside of the spot "Modern" doors.

It was hot, packed, and full some interesting costumes.

Of course there were a few "Joe the Plumber", "Sarah Palin", "Obama" & "McCain" costumes. Two guys even had business suits with "Ex Lehman Brother executive...Will work for beer"

Plenty of Jokers- The "Heath Ledger" & "Jim Carey" version

One guy even had a realistic Harvey Dent/2 face mask. Startled me the first time I saw it.

And of course ladies were out in full skanktastic glory...yours included. Although I did wear flats so my ass wasn't sitting as high as everyone else lol.

We drank, danced, talked a lot of shit about other people's costumes, and fought off advances...from Men AND women.

Hubby got a little uncomfortable because he was dressed as a convict & this girl dressed as an officer was his official stalker the entire night. I think she was watching him from the corner & when he moved, so did she.

He claimed I provoked her into being an overbearing flirt. I blamed the alcohol that was pouring out of her pores.

Some girl tweaked my nipple and had the nerve to wink. Arms remained crossed the entire night.

I felt so violated. And I'm like how the hell could she find my nipple considered I was suctioned down in the corset, a strapless bra & double sided tape?!

Yeah...when you don't have the breasts, you have to improvise. The corset was literally sagging before I put on the bra and even then I still had to hold it up with the tape.

*sigh* Just when I think I've gotten over the fact that I won't be blessed by the "Titty Fairy" any time soon, it's always something that pulls me back.

Not to mention I almost lost my bunny tail about 3 good times.

I had to kill a dance because dude was poking through his costume & I was not amused. I'm like I did not want to touch my tail later on & it comes back soaked. It is just a puff of cotton.

Then it was almost yanked off by some guy trying to get my attention.

Not a smart move.

Wasn't even rocking a real costume. Talking about he was a real "gangsta" so he was rocking the freshest of "hood attire".

I told him he must be a broke gangsta from the late 90s because no one I know rocks Coogi anymore.

Was Coogi from head to toe and just thought he was doing it.

I'm like look around we have dudes dressed as women, grown women in diapers and bibs and dude over there is a life size picked the wrong venue to try to be fresh & flashy.

And failing miserably.

He slunk somewhere in the corner and I didn't see him for the rest of the night.

After wearing ourselves out on the dance floor, we decided to grab a bite to eat & head home.

It took 3 restaurants before we finally found something that wasn't completely packed full of drunken party goers.

I don't even remember hitting the bed. I remembered waking up with the cat in my face and the alarm blaring.

Hubby & I lazed around for the rest of the day, went to the movies to see "Zack & Miri Make A Porno" and went to another costume party.

Yeah I know...the Day AFTER Halloween.

It was pretty damn was a house party, live band, plenty of booze. We drank a bit and then came home.

All in all a pretty decent weekend.